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Established in 2009, Innovation College was established to fill a market niche in South Africa. The Innovation College Franchise offering is the only value-added educational franchise brand offering being strategically priced at R1 790 0000 (Gold model), R1 160 000 (Silver model). This price is effectively 50% of the total estimated cost that a new business owner would expect to spend on starting his / her own new college brand from scratch to financial viability and profitability.

Many of our informed enquiries share these sentiments based on their own market research done and if you are looking to capitalise on an innovative educational & viable business model, then the Innovation College Franchise is the answer.

We pride ourselves on being unique, innovative and continually improving to ensure that our organisation is always kept abreast of latest developments and improvements. In keeping with this innovative philosophy, we have achieved many accreditations, accolades and affiliations.

Why choose Innovation College?

  • Easy access into education as a business (which has high entry barriers)
  • Competitively priced and funding available to approved buyers
  • Has full accreditation with Umalusi for 7 years
  • Tried and tested business system
  • Proven concept in the market place
  • Quality and innovative education
  • Accredited and registered institution with the South African education authorities
  • Over 60 accredited programmes to choose from
  • Education is a boom business in South Africa and will probably stay like that for the next 100-150 years
  • Innovation is highly respected in the industry
  • Over 50 years combined private education experience
  • Demonstrated and successful track record


How much does an Innovation College franchise cost?

Cash buyers: R1 790 0000 (Gold model), R1 160 000 (Silver model)

Territories/Locations available?

Innovation College has already approved more than 80 locations in South Africa, covering all 9 provinces. The company is inviting highly motivated and successful entrepreneurs to now take up an Innovatus College franchise opportunity in these areas or an area of your own choice, subject to company approval and endorsement.

What training and support is provided?

  • Render a Professional back-up service to the franchisees
  • Be engaged in the research and development of new and market related course material and assessments and the registering thereof with the appropriate accreditation bodies
  • Develop, implement and maintain administrative, financial and operational systems in order to streamline the managing processes within the franchise business, both at Head Office and franchise level
  • Take responsibility for the standard and integrity of the nation-wide operation of Innovation College
  • Provide training and assistance to the new Franchisee. Before a franchise may register students the initial training at Head Office must be attended
  • Evaluate the college, administration systems and lecturers on a frequent basis to ensure that Franchisees keep their competitive edge and uphold the quality management systems, which are in place
  • Plan a regional and local advertising campaign
  • Training: Annual Conference for franchisees with Innovation College franchisor
  • Practical hands-on training during the year for staff and management of each franchise
  • Fully establishment of the Franchise site
  • Provide assist and advice on the location of premises
  • Fully functional and operational Head Office

How do I apply?

  • Interested enquiries fill in the application form below
  • Franchisor sends Disclosure Document and Franchise Information
  • If prospective franchisee is interested, then informs Franchisor
  • Franchisor sends Franchise Application Form and Credit Check Consent Forms for completion
  • Prospective Franchisee must pay in R 5,000 screening fee (refundable on successful sale) by EFT into the Innovatus banking account
  • Screening is compulsory for all candidates and is non-negotiable and includes Credit Checks; SAPS Criminal Checks and Psychometric Testing (online) to be done
  • Prospective Franchisee meets with Franchisor at head office located in Kwa Zulu Natal
  • Signature of franchise agreement and then installation of Innovatus Franchise

What do we look for in a franchisee?

  • A people’s person:She/he must have excellent selling skills; experience in direct selling is preferable
  • Communication skills: A good franchisee is one who enjoys spending time with people. Remember, if one treats their staff and customers with trust and respect, then they will remain loyal to them. Hence, it is must for a franchisee to treat their customers well which will ultimately add to the popularity of a business
  • Hard working: Franchisee must not be afraid of hard work and happy to put in the hours required to get the job done
  • Positive attitude:Franchisee must have a good attitude towards work and show that they can work alongside their employees, whether it is in the office or out in the field. They must even be willing to look for ways to make the brand more popular and suggest frequent changes for the betterment of the business. The franchisee must be self-motivated to take action and follow the successes of others.
  • Be a good leader and also be a good follower:Customers preferring franchised business are generally there because they know what to expect. A franchise system then rests upon the consistency of the products or services it offers.
  • Committed and motivated: Innovation College is looking for people who do not just follow the system but can get going when the going gets tough.
  • Financially and ethically sound person:You will be expected to treat customers, suppliers and Innovation College Support Office with integrity.
  • A Success Formulae & Model for Innovation College Franchisees
  • Debt: must be less than 50% of price, unless you are using our government approved preferred funding opportunity. It is also a requirement to have a further R500 000 – R1 000 000 as backup working capital.
  • Location: has to be right, on major bus / taxi / train / private transport routes
  • Must be a hands on owner(not compulsory) but highly preferred
  • Must attend once a month review meetingsheld at head office
  • Must have a passion for quality education and high pass rates
  • Must love dealing with people
  • Multiple franchises awarded to superb operators

Franchising contact information:

Email enquiries:

Fax: +27 86 551 0011

Address: 1 Groom Street, Verulam, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa