Office Management – ICB

Are you…
  • Looking to land your first job?
  • Wanting skills that make you employable in any kind of business?
  • Ambitious and want to be top of the list for promotions?
  • Keen to move up into management?
  • Eager to learn the basics of marketing, bookkeeping, human resources and public relations?

As you work your way through this programme’s 12 learning areas (subjects), you’ll move up from the Certificate: Office Administration to the Higher Certificate, and ultimately to the Diploma: Office Administration.

This is a great choice if you believe in the huge benefits of running any company in an organised way. The knowledge you gain in each successive qualification builds on the last, allowing you to take on key functions and increased responsibility in your workplace.

There are three qualifications in this study programme. Each group of learning areas makes up a qualification and the previous one must be completed in order to progress to the next level.

Junior Office Administrator

Admission Requirements: Grade 12 (Std 10) or equivalent and you must be at least 16 years of age (No prior accounting knowledge needed)

1.  Office Communication
2. Business and Office Administration 1
3. Bookkeeping
4. Marketing Management and Public Relations
5. Business Law and Administrative Practice
6. Cost and Management Accounting

Duration of Course: 6 months to 1 Year

Senior Office Administrator

Admission Requirements: Certificate: Office Administration NQF L5, which consists of the learning areas in the Junior Office Administrator module.

1.  Business and Office Administration 2
2. Human Resources Management and Labour Relations
3. Economics

Duration: 6 months to 1 Year

Office Manager

Admission Requirements: Higher Certificate: Office Administration, which consists of the learning areas in the Junior Office Administrator and Senior Office Administrator modules.

1. Business and Office Administration 3
2. Financial Accounting
3. Management

Duration of Course: 6 months to 1 Year

The 10-month payment plan applies to all registrations that occur before 28 February. The prices quoted above are inclusive of tuition and internal assessments ONLY.

The additional fees for this course are textbooks, ICB registration fee and exam fees of R595 per subject. Students will be provided with workshop handouts during the course.

Students will be charged a once off fee of R150 for Statement of Results and if all modules should be passed, a once of fee of R200 will be payable for their Certificate.

References- 1. Pay Scale 2. Tuition and fees are subject to change by action of the Board of Trustees (This is not an employment offer, based on per annum employment trends)

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