National N Diploma – Public Management

Do you have a keen interest in government policies and programmes? Would you like to be the key driver behind the solutions to some of society’s challenges? Then a National N Diploma in Public Management is suitable for you.

Public Management is concerned with the study of government, its processes, structures, and functions, as well as the way in which society is managed. The scope of the field covers a diverse range of topics from environmental to social issues. As a public manager you will be responsible for leading, developing and implementing policies and legislation and managing city budgets with the aim of providing for the needs of the public. Public managers will therefore need to think critically and have strong analytical and communication skills.

What will I be able to do?

  • Public Sector General Manager
  • Public Sector Administration Manager
  • Public Sector Human Resource Manager
  • National, Provincial and Local Government Administrator

Entry Requirements

  • Any successful completion of Matric or equivalent (NQF Level 4)
  • Relevant Nated Qualification

What will I learn?

Public Management N4:

  1. Management Communication N4
  2. Entrepreneurship and Business Management N4
  3. Intro to Computer Practice N4
  4. Public Administration N4 or Introductory Accounting N4

Public Management N5

  1. Public Finance N5
  2. Municipal Administration N5
  3. Public Relations N5
  4. Public Administration N5

Public Management N6

  1. Public Administration N6
  2. Public Finance N6
  3. Municipal Administration N6
  4. Public law N6


3 years, 18 months theoretical studies and 18 months of work place learning

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